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Like the locals say in Hawai'i

Saimin is life. To Franco, Saimin is pure. Saimin is the definition of being a local.

Palani’s is pleased to bring you the original Saimin bowl. Saimin, a blend of many cultures, is a noodle dish that is unique to the Hawaiian islands and dates back to the sugar plantation era in Hawai’i. In the late 1800’s, workers from the many ethnic camps would gather together and bring various ingredients to share and eat. The Filipinos made pansit, the Chinese brought mein noodles and the Japanese shared ramen noodles. All of these flavors blended together to create the Saimin bowl. In today’s traditional bowl the Saimin noodles are topped with Cantonese style slices of sweet barbeque roasted pork char siu, mild savory Japanese style Kamaboko, followed by sweet, fresh chopped green onions. These textures and flavors blended together make the perfect Saimin bowl.

When you enter our restaurant you will be met with the Spirit of Aloha, a smile, and a feeling of “OHANA!” Come and enjoy some “ONOLICIOUS” Hawaiian comfort food and experience the spirit of ALOHA with our family.


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